Visions of Days to Come

VoDtC, Scene I
In which brains are defeated by beauty...

High above the hustle and bustle of city life, on the rooftop of the Roxxon Corporation's latest high-rise endeavor, are perched two lovely ladies about to stumble upon the adventure of their lifetime – and that's saying something. The pair are, of course, Rogue, everyone's favorite flight-capable Southern belle, and the Sonic Mistress herself, Songbird

Rogue blows the tuft of hair out of her face while looking around the area before her watch once more from her hiding spot. Activating her coms to the Avengers "Sugah you sure this tip off's on the up and up?, its quieter than a mouse on cotton"

Songbird decides to take a break from training, and to investigate the rumors of a big todo down at Roxxon. Getting the comm from Rogue, she pauses, "Um, I think so, but it was a pretty vague threat…" She flies up above the crowd, and surveys the area. "So what brings the X-Men out to Roxxon?" She asks Rogue over the comms, "Did you hear anything more than I did?"

Rogue's response never comes though, as the sound  of voices on the rooftop are suddenly heard!

Rogue stops with their mouth open attention turning to the voices

Songbird flies down to get close to the voices, using the Rooftop Machinery as cover.

Rogue shifts her view from behind the sign

The lead scientist, armed with a blaster rifle and looking slightly less 'geeky' than the other two, raises his weapon and takes a quick shot at Rogue. His blast goes wide however, and it's not a mistake the Indomitable X-Man is going to let go unanswered!

Rogue jumps out shocked as they seem to shoot through the sign "They got X-ray or something?" jumping out the way of the fire and going to strike one of the shooters in a fly by attack

The drone has one weakness and it appears to be superhumanly strong punch to the jaw – he barely has time to process what's happening before being completely knocked out, slumped against the half-wall nearby. Not to be outdone, Songbird uses her mastery of sound to construct a semi-transparent box to lower over the remaining drones: "Listen, it would be best to surrender peacefully." She nods knowingly at the AIM nerds.

"Or we can just go a few more rounds, but you all don't seem like the brawling types", adds Rogue.

The pair try and open fire with their own sidearms but the barrier deflects a round back into one of them, putting him out of the fight, and the other begins considering his life choices…

"Now Come now Sugah, Lets just put down the gun and chat about while your all around this neighbourhood ok?…I don't feel right beating you louts around to much, lets just make this easy? I can go hard if you want but really not in your interest" The drone glances back and forth between the two heroes as Songbird summarizes Rogue's words: "Yeah. Don't Make her get violent."

"So Sugah, Want to come clean what you and your motly crew were doing on this nice little roof?"

Just to make sure, Songbird sings a few notes to the scientist.

The advice works, or maybe it's just the sight of his two co-workers out cold on the roof beside him. The scientist seems exhausted. He slouches to the rooftop in defeat – but, circumstances what they are, being restrained by two lovely ladies isn't the worst thing ever. Songbird's tones help to ease his pains even more, and he begins to spill whatever beans he has: "I… uh, we were just, um… taking a break, you know? It gets hot down in the basement. Sub-levels never have enough ventilation, am I right?" He chuckles nervously. "Truth is… truth is, we were probably going to be re-assigned anyway. Our project hit a… bump."

"Oh? and whats the bumpy project?" asks Rogue. Songbird nods, bobbing her head listening, her pink hair ends bouncing around, she lets Rogue take the lead on questioning.

"What's the- oh. I dunno exactly, I'm just a low-level tech. First assignment, actually. There's some kid down there in containment. Something special about her. I was really just supposed to monitor energy readings and report anomalies, you know? Nothing major. Nothing fancy. I don't even think she knows where she is…"

Rogue looks to Songbird "Rescue?" Songbird blinks twice, slowly, "You have a person in captivity?"

"We do, yeah… A little girl. She's special somehow. Lots of output across the electromagnetic spectrum. Not sure where she's… look. Are you gonna kill me or arrest me or what?"

Songbird smiles big at the scientist, "We have to save the little girl. You understand?" She says to the scientist while playing with her hair a bit, "You want to help, right?"

 "Save the… uh, yeah. Yeah, okay. That sounds good. She probably needs air too, anyway. I'll show you the way…"



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